Tuesday, 16 September 2008


once upon a time, there was a guy called Dreamer. people call him Dee. because they didn't want to waste their breath on his name. but the main reason for that was that these people were busy in their life that they don't have time to say or spell his complete name. he was living in a 12-story building. his life routine is something like this: morning, going to work; coming back from work in the afternoon; spending the rest of evening in the apartment until he falls asleep. he was happy with the way he lives. one day in the morning while he was going out of his apartment heading to work, he saw a pretty lady coming out of the next apartment. while he was passing by her he said in low voice "hi". she replied "hello" and he went his way to work.
the next day, he saw her coming out of her apartment. he greeted her and asked her if she's just moved here. she replied positive. he came to know while he was chatting with her in these two minutes that she is single. thus he invited her to a dinner. she accepted the invitation and they swapped phone numbers. they did go to the dinner in a restaurant later that night. they spent hours talking after the dinner. Dee was so comfortable in her presence. he expressed his feelings to her and amazingly she did the same. suddenly, out of no where, he heard a car honk. it was like near his ear and a guy seemed to be shouting at him in a far distance "move, asshole". he realized that he was in his car going to work. all that dinner with that pretty lady was just one of his many many day dreams. but the did say hi to her and that's it. cause the next days he looks in the peep hole to see if she comes out or not. if she did he waits for her to go out of the building and after five minutes he comes out. by any chance if he meets her on the stairs or in the elevator, he tries to avoid her!!!
so, the moral of the story is you like to read a two-hump camel's shit.
Chat log shit:
(11:07 p) SomeChick: كله قاعده ع النت
(11:07 p) Lonewolf: اها، وشو تسوين عالنت؟
(11:07 p) SomeChick: ما اسوي شي
(11:08 p) Lonewolf: بس جيه تخسرين اتصالات
(11:08 p) SomeChick: هيه والله
(11:09 p) Lonewolf: الله يهديج بس، اذا ما تسوين شي عالنت اظهري، عشان تعطين فرصة لغيرج
(11:09 p) SomeChick: خخخخخ
(11:09 p) SomeChick: ليش منو غيري
(11:10 p) Lonewolf: احنا الشباب مثلا، لانج اذا واقفة جيه عالنت، فلازم نلف عشان ما ندعمج
(11:10 p) SomeChick: خخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخ
(11:10 p) SomeChick: حلوه
is that funny to you? it seems to be, but i got bored of that shit...
أحبك وأسهر أيام وليالي
أناجي الليل في غيابك لحالي
وأقول اليوم يرجع لي حبيبي
يروح اليوم وما ترجع يا غالي
تعال ونور الدنيا بنورك
وعطر كل هالكون بزهورك
يا سيدي غيبتك ماهي قليله
أصبر نفسي وأتحرى حضورك

أنا مجنون في حبك وهايم
وشوقي لك وأنا صاحي ونايم
ألا قلي وش الدنيا بدونك
وقلبي في الهوى وياك دايم
أشوف الناس كل واحد وخله
وكل عاشق حبيبه ما يمله
وانا بس أنتظر يمكن تجيبي
أنا أحتاج لك وإنت تغلى
* أحمد الهرمي - أحبك

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

TV Season

all right, this year i kind of lost interest in the tv shows that I’m waiting for. i don’t have anything in my mind in particular. just any show i see in the list, pick it up and watch it. however i do wait for south park. it’s going to continue its 12th season in october. one of the shows i was watching it 5 years ago and i completely forgot about it later on is the shield. it just started the 7th season. wow, i remember watching the 2nd season then somehow i forgot about it. well, i hope i will have fun this year...

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

My True Friend Has Gone Forever

because of my stupidity and lack of communication, i have lost a friend. best friend. and above all, a true friend. it makes me sad, but it's not the first time for me to lose something valuable in life. it seems that i'm used to it. i used to have a chance to get something unique in this life, but hehe i somehow blow it. when i look back to my past, i see bad choices and running away from reality. something good is going to happen or is happening to me and i, with all due respect to me, can't appreciate it. is it that i don't know this is good for me? maybe my attitude in valuing good life moments is not in me. i need to improve my attitude first. be kind. but not too kind because some people still behave like animals.

a thoughtie: hey, pretty lady you have the complete right not to say hi back to me. i respect that. i really dooo.

_"my fuck stick"
_"you want some of dis, bitch?"
_"that was fear fart"
_"why did my penis cross the road? ... to get to the other vigina"
_"Marriage is an important part of getting ahead: lets people know you're not a homo; married guy seems more stable; people see the ring, they think at least somebody can stand the son of a bitch; ladies see the ring, they know immediately you must have some cash or your cock must work"

سود الهدب ودعاجي اناجي حلو الصبى مزيون ... شوفه لذيذ علاجي للشاجي والمعظلات اتهون
لابس بحسنه تاجي والتاجي ظافي على المتون ... سامي سماه و راجي بمزاجي والقلب به مفتون
قصدي بحبه امواجي والباجي خليتهم من دون ... لو كان بي متفاجي له هاجي الاحساس لي مرهون
يا ربي لك محتاجي فراجي للهم لي مخزون ... هم(ن) و انا هب لاجي احجاجي كانه الدهر فرعون

حمد العامري - سود الهدب


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